Nordic Style Lighting – Trends in Interior Lighting
Category: Industry news
Date: 2023-05-29
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Author: Huipu

Lighting design has become an important part of interior design. It can dramatically change the mood and atmosphere of a space. 

Nordic-style lighting design emphasizes simplicity, functionality and minimalism, without redundant decorations. This approach to design originated in Scandinavian countries, where the environment and climate influenced the Nordic style.

The Nordic style emphasizes natural light and uses materials such as wood, leather and metal. Designs are simple and straightforward, and lighting fixtures are often made from natural materials, giving them an organic, warm and fresh feel.


The Nordic-style lighting design trend continues to grow across the globe. Many designers and homeowners are embracing this trend due to its simplicity and charm. Additionally, the focus on sustainability and natural materials embodied in Nordic-style is gaining popularity in today's society. 


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